Go, our German S!sters!

We think we just found our theme song for the season.

We’ll be the first to admit that we didn’t see Germany’s 4th place coming last year. We suppose we should have known that sensitive guys singing sad songs about their fathers resonates quite well with quite a few people. Just look to Joci Pápai this year, he gets it. And we were happy with this result. For the sake of the contest other countries, besides Italy, from the Big 5 group should be up there in top 5 on a regular basis instead of slumming away in the bottom 5, years on end. It’s sad really, like how many of the Big 5 countries, besides Italy, would actually qualify for the Grand Final if they had to?

Encouraged by last year’s success Germany seems to be on a roll and have chosen to send a song exploring another important and engaging topic. And we couldn’t agree more with the S!sters urging us women to support each other and have each other’s backs, instead of being backstabbing bitches. After all this has proven to be a very successful tactic deployed by men from the break of dawn. We assume there’s a reason why we have bromance in our vocabulary, but no word to describe a similar relationship between two women. And don’t get us started. We have ECTS credits in women’s studies, so be warned.

That’s why we so desperately want to love and adore the duo S!ster with their goofy stylized spelling and belter of a song, how can we criticize it without being, well, backstabbing bitches? It might seem tricky, but it’s really quite simple. Women don’t get ahead by having a support group unconditionally cheering each other on. A real friend has your back, but also tells you the truth when that’s what you need to hear.

And unfortunately, we don’t think Sister is a strong enough song to garner much support from the juries nor the televoters. The staging in the national final was intense and heartfelt, but way too OTT. It was like watching us having a row in the wee hours at Euroclub over whether Croatia deserves to qualify or not (that’s usually the country we disagree most on). We’ve heard rumors the German delegation will lose the rotating box before Tel Aviv, which is probably a smart move, all tough it makes us a little sad. We kind of want to see the borderline deranged shouting at each other’s faces routine. But being a real friend, we’d say kill it.

Perhaps we in the spirit of sisterly love will adopt Sister as our theme song this year. And perhaps we won’t even try to hide it.

We would never in a million years guess that these two are related. (Photo by: NDR/Hendrik Lüders)

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