Check the Czechs off our Friendslist

What do you get when you mix the sound of the 80s with a dash 90s britpop and stir in a good portion of timeless smugness? Not a very good Eurovision entry, apparently. 

The Czechs hit an all-time high in Lisbon when Mikolas Josef summersaulted into a 6th place in the Grand Final. We swear to God; we might have fainted a little inside Altice Arena when it happened. Those where the days! We do however suspect they accidentally spent all the funding allocated to 2019 on Mikolas’ medical bills to get him back on his feet after the rather unfortunate mishap during rehearsals. This year’s line-up in the national final was not much to write home about. But it’s all forgiven and water under the Charles Bridge by now, it was well worth it!

We suppose we just have to put up with an annoying bunch of hipsters with their cleverly thought up band name, ironic haircuts and the latest anti-fashion from a thrift store in one of Prague’s gentrified neighborhoods. We can’t quite put our fingers on it, but somehow the lads in Lake Malawi come across as unbearably contrived. We just want to slap the lead singer in the face, for some reason. It might be right around the second he starts speak-singing with a mockney accent. Then we realize this can’t be saved.

We predict a classic band set-up with the band members pretending to be playing their instruments and the lead singer thinking he’s interesting enough to be the center of attention. He will probably goof around and shout to the audience like he’s doing a live gig and be completely clueless of what actually works on TV. Oh, how we will miss last year’s backpacks and backflips.

On a more positive note, we do appreciate that these kinds of entries exist in Eurovision. It brings diversity to the line-up and sometimes all you need is a proper band singing a good song. Problem is, this lacks both. And above all, it lacks charm.

When you crop your band members out of your promo pictures. Charming! (photo: 


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