Lithuanian Safari

So, let’s see, this year Estonia takes us to Schlager land Sweden, Latvia invites us to swing by Nashville and Lithuania wants us to join them on a … safari?  

Ok, we get it, not all lyrics are supposed to be taken literally, and we have enough ECTS credits in literature and communication studies to know our way around metaphors. We even think Lithuania’s message this year about being bold enough to run with the lions is kind of fresh compared to all the worn-out clichés we usually must put up with in this business.

Singer Jurij Veklenko has already been brave enough to excel from backing singer to lead vocalist, still his bio on insists on him remaining a modest tech guy working for an IT company while doing a bit of music on the side. This makes us a little confused, but when we see his performance in the national final it kind of makes sense. He comes across as a skilled singer, he has an interesting falsetto which he perfectly portions out and the overall impression is neat and competent. The problem is that it’s not very engaging. We shouldn’t be too surprised, after all it’s always our ambition to avoid being stuck with boring IT consultants at parties. So why on earth would we want them on the Eurovision stage?

Being drawn in the second semi-final chuck full of hot favorites and grand final regulars certainly won’t do Jurij any favors and we just can’t think of a single reason why Run With The Lions will end up as one of the lucky tens being pulled up from the virtual envelops towards the end of the evening.

Does this really look like a man who’s ready to hit the African savannah? (photo:

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