We still love you, Sergey!

It was bound to happen, really. Russia has been teasing the fans for months with stories of our hero Sergey Lazarev’s participation in Eurovision. Sergey is probably the only man in the world who can sing schlager while climbing around on brightly lit IKEA furniture and still look amazing. We all feel he was robbed the first time around with his catchy show, swirling around in space.:

Also, there has been development. Cheering for Russia doesn’t seem so politically controversial now that the rest of the world is catching up with them and Donald Trump is way ahead. And with Ukraine’s political balderdash out of the game, the floor was wide open for Sergey’s victory, even before the song was released.

Thunder and lightning, how exciting it was all getting!

In GEE headquarters we have loved Sergey ever since we stood next to him at a concert in a dirty club in Stockholm. He smelled so good we almost fainted. And it surely added to the suspense that we are insane fans of song writer/guardian Sir Phillipp Kirkorov as well, starting our every day with Disco Partizani, praying to the Slavic schlager God that one day he’ll show up in the contest himself, looking a little like this:

Может ли Сергей одолжить этот плащ, пожалуйста? Pic nicked from Sir Kirkorov’s Instagram.

Also sprach Sergey. With his slow, dramatic ballad of the year. We do get why the fans were a little disappointed. Fans look for what they’ve loved before and what will make them hit the dance floor, and Scream was neither. So the song crashed and burned a little bit straight after take-off. Odds drifted. Internet trolls were having a field day. And even Sergey was a little understanding, because that is the kind of man he is. But was the song really that bad?

Not by a mile. This is a very classy entry from Russia’s darling, bringing on that old-school Eurovision and/or Andrew Lloyd Webber feel. It’s packed with emotion. Even the lyrics are good, which in this competition is so rare it should get Russia a Pulitzer. And speaking of lyrics, Sergey’s promise of swallowing hard is bound to get him a few extra votes from the fan crowd.

Clearly, the song is written for a great performer, with all the build-ups and small pauses and the truly impressive symphonic orchestra and dramatic drums to back it all. We get a bit of a Conchita vibe and can’t wait to hear this live. The Russians seem eager to win, and we expect nothing short of a fantastic staging. Maybe he’ll even move on to designer furniture this year?

Either way, that Sergey never fails. He’ll direct his private jet to Tel Aviv with his pudel-shtrudel and nail all performances. He’ll deliver great interviews and press conferences, showcasing his most professional and sincere attitude and truly charming Russian English. He’ll bedazzle anyone daring to look his way with his brown eyes and bad boy smile. And he’ll certainly smell as good as ever. Please hold us while we swoon.

Because we still love you, Sergey. We’ll never stop cheering you on. Ты наш единственный!


  1. Oh my god, I am crying, thank you for your memory, love, respect and support! I am Russian, and I am so proud of Sergey and the song “SCREAM”. It is so touching, so harbreaking, so charming! really connect to a slogan of the year ‘dare to a dream’! So powerful that every time I listen to it, my body is. covered with goosebumps, I feel this song like a Rollercoaster, with ups and falls in music! The voice of Sergey hugs me! it is totally my WINNER, I am sure, he will deliver every single word of the song to the audience, he is a true Artist! he is the only ONE! SERGEY LAZAREV ❤️

    1. Aww, so happy we made you happy! We love Sergey. What a great representative for your country! He’s going to goosebump his way to the top come May 18th!

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