Just another Danish tree

Did you hear about that time when Denmark accidentally made a Fool’s Garden song?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We all remember sitting around in our boring rooms on just another rainy Sunday afternoon, wasting our time with nothing to do until we turned on our radio and started turning our heads up and down to the story of a lemon tree.

It always made us very happy. And to play things nice, so does Leonora. Denmark’s singer is a mere 20 years old, but looks relaxed and confident on stage – like she is just singing a tune to a friend on Face Time, not singing for a slot in the final. She also has that impeccable, down to earth, girl-from-the-60s style. She reminds us a little of Malta’s Gianluca Bezzina, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with THAT.

But then there’s the fact that Gianluca knew how to sing on key, which is a giant advantage in this music competition. Leonora should work on those skills, but guess that’s what you have vocal coaches for. We hope she works a tiny bit on her lyrics as well. Saying that love is forever is kinda bad news for all those other artists, building their whole message around lost love.

It also stands to be noted that Leonora is an experienced ice skater. We are desperately dreaming of a Dima Bilan moment, so we cannot stress enough how much we want this to happen for Leonora in Tel Aviv. Surely, we can also lend her some of Sonia Hennie’s fur, which will fit her perfectly.

Well, enough with the pros and cons and down to the bitter lemon. Just like us in Norway, Denmark is, true to tradition, claiming they will win in Tel Aviv. We are not entirely confident either is playing in the Sergey Lazarev division. Or if they will be playing in the final at all, truth be told. But we’re pretty sure Leonora will show up and spread joy around her, and that is always welcomed.

In fact, spreading joy is the number one purpose of Danes, in our not always so humble opinions. Det er sgu dejligt!

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