Weather report from Estonia

Was a Swede and a Melodifestivalen reject the best Estonia could come up with this year? We hate to break it to you guys, but it leaves us rather unimpressed.  

Eurovision has been a rocky ride for the Estonians lately, ranging from decent finishes on the left-hand side of the scoreboard to crashing spectacularly in the semi-final. We’ve remained pretty positive though, giving favorable reviews for the most part. We even made Tallinn the destination for our sporadic pilgrimage a couple of years ago and attending an Eesti Laul final seems to be on most Eurovision fans’ bucket list. With good reason we might add, the line-up is usually chuck full of bangers.  

During the past few years we’ve come to known Stig Rästa’s sleek retro sound quite well and his name keeps popping up in Eesti Laul on a regular basis. Only this year it seems like he grew tired of living in the 60s and wanted to try out something more contemporary. Guess he discovered the wonders of Spotify and decided to merge every single EDM song ever to be made into one. It might seem like a good idea at the time but ends up like when we were kids and wanted to mix all the beautiful colors in our paint-box only to find out it all became brown. Veteran Stig Rästa should know better.  

We think Storm is too generic to make much of an impact in Tel Aviv and even tough Victor Crone has some experience under his belt and comes across as a likable performer we doubt he has the power to give the song the lift it desperately needs. Light breeze would have been a more appropriate song title.  

Being caught in a storm = messy hair. (Photo:


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