Our Night: Courting the Stars on the Blue Carpet

After having such a blast at the Israeli party on Saturday we needed a bit of time to cure our hangovers, so if you checked our blog for updates about the Big 5 rehearsing in the arena yesterday, you are obviously hanging out at the wrong place in cyberspace. After spending a couple of hours on styling and make-up we were ready to hit the blue carpet. When we arrived we found out that we were not supposed to walk the blue carpet ourselves, but nevermind. At least the organizers gave us a stellar slot between the two biggest TV channels in Norway, NRK and TV2, so we did not make a scene.

The blue carpet ceremony is not for the faint hearted we’ll tell you that much. Someone told us it was 350 meters long last year in Kyiv, but this is obviously no match for the Portuguese who added a whopping 500 meters on top of that. We suspect Lisbon ran out of sunscreen and bottled water, at least we did.

We managed to stick around until Norway had passed, then we had to rush off to make it in time for our dinner reservation at the swanky restaurant SeaMe where we hooked up with the fab Allt um Jurovision ladies to discuss strategies on how to take over the dominance from the fanboys in the Eurovision fan community. We popped by the bar Pensão Amor, which used to be a brothel and now has a sex shop inside it, to see if Waylon was there, before we finished off the night at Euroclub.

Due to rumors about the air quality in Lisbon not being top notch, all of the Swedish journalist had to walk around with protection. How inconvenient!

We used the Italian flag as a niqab just in case Latvia showed up and demanded an interview again

The Albanians showed up, as they were just as excited to cheer for Ermal Meta as we were.

– Look! I managed to sneak in an entire bottle of vodka to keep my mood up!

– Did I really win your hotlist? Did you SEE the Italian guys?

Happy couple trying to capture a dear memory while being photobombed from the left.

We were a little embarrassed that all our broadcasting channels only asked the stars how they felt about Alexander Rybak. So we quickly grabbed the two Italian superstars who sing about war and terror and had a chat about more important stuff. Like the fact that Ermal has a taste for female journalists and conveniently got single just before Eurovision.

Israeli bride to be: “Hello, there, stupid toy. Will you marry me?” NRK journalist in very red jacket: “Well…what do you think about Alexander Rybak?”

And the bride rode off into the sunset, looking for a Swedish journalist to marry instead.

We hooked up with Doron Medalie, and he promised that he would write a song about human rights and free speech next year

One of the blokes from Bulgaria came over and asked if he could take a selfie with us, and we happily obliged. After asking for our names and making sure we came to the party afterwards, we panicked and remembered that we both have husbands back home.

Won’t you just get rid of those annoying Germans for me while I enjoy the view?

We accidentally revealed to Christabelle that we have been stalking her since 2014 when we first saw her perform in the national final in Malta. She hitched up her red dress and stormed right passed the rest of the Norwegian press straight afterwards..

Spot the one that didn’t read the sunglasses instructions from Hungary’s head of press.

Cyprus decided to bring the entire Handmaid’s tale, and they really enjoyed the view outside of Gilead

They checked really carefully to make sure no eyes were following them, making sure they didn’t breach EBU rules.

When Armenia heard there were two amazing journalists standing between NRK and TV2, they quickly asked us to take their picture

And all we could think of to compliment them with, was the singer’s shoes. He didn’t understand English, which was probably good, but of course the press manager showed up to translate it all. Apparently they take their shoes seriously in Armenia.

Do you know what’s going on here? I was told there’d be a party!

“Do you think Alexander Rybak is a better beekeper than you, maybe?”

Yum, that looks delicious! And the fish doesn’t look so bad, either.

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