Our Night: the annual lesson in political incorrectness

So last nigh was fun! We hit the ground running and managed to pop by the press center and pretend to by journalists, catch up on the latest gossip and stalk a couple of the artists for a selfie within a couple hours on Portuguese soil. We are getting so old we have basically realized we don’t have any time left to waste.

It goes without saying that Mikolas were thrilled to finally meet us and show us the new glasses he brought for us

After checking into our very chic and authentic casa in the trendy Mouraria area, we went out for dinner only barely avoiding having to sit through a fado concert while eating. The big highlight of the night was of course the Israeli party, which basically is the only day we unconditionally get to love Israel. When we arrived at the venue there was a line of people waiting to get in that was longer than the daily line of Palestinians waiting to enter Israel to go to work. We waited patiently for two hours, only to find out the place had reached its maximum capacity when there were about 20 people in front of us. We were obviously shocked, we mean don’t the Israeli organizers know who we are?

We kid you not, this was the line to get into the party.
Shalom, Good Evening Europe girls! Why are you still in line, don’t the Portuguese secturity guards know who you are?

We had to make sure the security level was top notch at such an event, so we had a chat with the head of security. He told us he preferred to let normal people inside instead of the VIPs, which served as our explanation. Also, we saw that he stopped Thomas G:Son from entering and heard him telling Doron Medallie there was nothing to smile about, so we figured he a)wasn’t from Israel and b)was our new bad ass favourite and c)should be let in charge of negotiating the next Oslo deal.

Catching up with our Icelandic counterparts, Hildur and Eyrún Elly from the fabulous website Allt Um Júróvisjon!

We were a little disappointed that our own Alexander Rybak didn’t show up, as that could have helped proving all the haters wrong. Also, we thought Rybak was about fun and openness, but the head of the delegation told us it was very important for Alex to get some sleep. Guess NRK still doesn’t understand the true point of Eurovision, and Oslo 2019 seems like a distant dream at present stage. Oh, well, at least we don’t have to pay more taxes to our national broadcaster next year. Start saving up, Italy.

– I’m not your boy, you stupid toy!
– I’m filing a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for being left out from GEE’s hotlist!
The guys from Georgia were having their own private jam session on stage. We have already tipped off Molde International Jazz Festival to book them. A venue accomodating about 50 people should suffice.
– Hey, GEE girls, why aren’t I on your hotlist? I’m the spitting image of Marco D’Amore for crying out loud!
Somehow the security guards failed to prevent this bloke from getting on stage.

We also ran into our best buddy Thomas G:Son, who showed up with Cyprus, as his own delegation from Malta were too busy having a boring dinner with some Swedes. As our readers might remember, we had dinner with him before the final where he rightfully predicted Ukraine as the winner, so we had to ask him who would win. Like us, he felt it is still very open, but he mentioned Cyprus, Estonia and Norway. But of course, he hadn’t heard the Italian entry yet, so we need to talk to him again.

We have decided to team up with Thomas G:son and write a song for Daniel Testa next year.
We ended the night with accidentally torching our Israeli flags with a cigarette. We suppose we can say we have restored our integrity to last for another year. See’ya in Oslo next, Israel!

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