The Refugee Crisis seen from France

42 down, 1 to go! We suggest cutting down the number of participants considerably next year, because this has been a stretch! We are sending a list to Jon Ola this very moment with our suggestions on which countries to dump.

For some reason we often end up putting off reviewing France until the very last minute. One year we even forgot it all together, but luckily nobody noticed. It’s not because we don’t like the French or the entries they send to Eurovision, but if we were in a relationship with France on Facebook our status would be “it’s complicated”. Because France is one very demanding boyfriend. We bet you know the type, who’s being all cocky and brash when your friends are there, yet so sensitive and sweet when it’s pillow talk time. And we can never seem to figure out if he’s a pretentious little prick or a sophisticated intellectual. Or if he’s talking to us or down on us.

And as usual we end up being quite thorn on what we think about France for yet another year. In many ways the song Mercy is perfectly tailored to tick all our boxes, but surprisingly enough we don’t like it that much. We can’t even explain why, we just find it to be excruciatingly boring, and it makes us feel very superficial, because it deals with such a serious and important issue. We hope we will be able to get a better grasp on this one once we hit the ground in Lisbon. So far we struggle to understand why it’s currently number three with the bookies. It’s quite obviously loved by the French themselves, but it was only placed third by the international juries in Destination Eurovision.

Perhaps it will grab us with full force when we get to see it performed live in Altice arena. The Madame gives a very emotive and sincere performance and the Monsieur with the guitar in the background is quite eye-catching, we must admit. But we cannot see how this can end up taking us to Paris next year.

– Ok, Monsieur, I’ll be Neil Tennant and you’ll be Chris Lowe! (photo credit:


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