10 important facts about Germany

Germany also participates this year and here are 10 facts about them:

  1. The artist, Michael Schulte, started up on YouTube. We hope he enjoys himself in there
  2. He monthly has 2 million YouTube viewers. Then again, there’s 82,67 million people in Germany, so there’s like 80,67 million Germans out there, totally clueless about who represents them abroad.
  3. The 80,67 million Germans probably don’t know they are represented in English
  4. Neither do they know that they are represented by James Blunt’s little brother
  5. Nor that he loves the silence and a clear horizon, which isn’t exactly what Germany is famous for
  6. 2 million YouTube-viers probably noticed that Michael took a sabbatical in 2015, though. We really wonder what he did with his time. Maybe he got hooked on a tv series about doctors in Seattle with 14 seasons and needed a break from YouTube to look for a shelter from the storm? (This theory is not yet verified and is not part of the facts)
  7. The capital of Germany is Berlin
  8. Germany has 13 diverse regions, ranging from Schleswig-Holstein in the north to Bavaria in the south.
  9. The prime minister of Germany is Angela Merkel
  10. Germany has a place called Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where Norwegians go to win various contests in ski jumping

Sorry. We suddenly remembered this should have been a review. But we stopped listening somewhere along the 3 minute road and started reading up on facts for the press by the EBU and Wikipedia. Facts are never fun, though. And neither is the German entry, so there you have it.

Sadly, there’s no Berlin in sight for 2019. But we hope you learned something new about Germany, at least.

It is often staeted that 6,9 per cent of the German population has curly hair and likes to not focus on the camera, but this is not yet verified by a reliable source


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