What we noticed in the rehearsals, day 3

– I swear to God, I’ll bring a real trampoline to the final. Belarus promised to pay for it. Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Yay, we finally got Alexander Rybak onstage and the rest of the world caught up with our winning feeling! That guy is so fabulous we had to call our largest tabloid immediately and tell them a few words of truth. But we also noticed a few other things, of course:

Like Netherland‘s dancer:

– Look at me, I’m a beautiful creature Pic by: Thomas Hanses/EBU

And Netherland‘s leopard jacket:

Spot the pimp. Just don’t tell Jon Ola about it. PIc by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Another great, great thing happened that can all be summed up with the name Moldova:

While the other countries were busy complaining about the lack of LED onstage, it appears Moldova was busy creating the best stage of the evening using nothing but a little polyester and the cheapest closet from IKEA. Score! Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Another good rehearsal was delievered by Serbia. Seems they watched Italy’s music video and are also marching for peace while at it:

– Calling Jon Ola Sand. We demand some peace in the Middle East, a little less terror in France, peaceful negotiations in Syria, no more Russia in Ukraine and something with Nagorno Karabakh. You fix? Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Denmark did’t do particularly well, so there goes the rest of the hope we had in pacifist vikings. Romania brought a bunch of mannequins. And sadly Australia forgot her dress down under, but guess she looks ok in the curtains from her hotel room:

– Hey, I have a very good idea. How about we all meet midway next year? Afghanistan, maybe? Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

And Russia decided to show up wearing a discarded sturgeon’s head from Vladimir Putin’s Sunday dinner. We all have our preferences when it comes to props:

-Yuk, there’s loads of caviar in here Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

San Marino is still terrible. So terrible we are in fact beginning to love them a little. But can someone please tell us what this is all about?

This lady keeps swinging her hands up and down like a lunatic throughout the number. Is she really a zumba instructor who made a very wrong turn? Pic by…(drumroll)…Thomas Hanses/EBU

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