Goodbye to Romania?

Will Romania have to wave Goodbye to the Grand Final for the first time this year? We believe stranger things have happened.

The Romanians made a rather surprising choice this year when the soft rock band The Humans won Selecția Națională. Whether it turns out to be bold or plain stupid remains to be seen. Being hit by a truckload of fanboys completely trashing the entry and dismissing it as chanceless surely must have been a hard blow. But from what we can see lead singer Caramarcu and her crew have handled it with style and poise. And we all know this means nothing when the average viewer across Europe and beyond is deciding whom to text in a few votes on. From what we gather this is an entry that can garner support from a wide spectrum, from the 50-somethings remembering their glory days when they still had a full head of hair to angst-ridden teenage emokids and all of those in between looking for a rock song to get behind.

So we won’t be shocked if Romania keeps their 100% qualification record for yet another year, and if they qualify it will most likely be because of a solid performance, not so much on the merits of the song itself. Cristina Caramarcu is clearly their biggest asset and we expect some fierce hair flicking to be carried out which is always a plus. Moreover having a drop dead gorgeous cellist on stage is one of the oldest tricks in the book, which of course the Romanian delegation knows by heart.

We can’t seem to muster up any kind of feelings towards this entry. It’s just sort of there for three minutes before it’s full stop, and we’re kind of like, yeah whatever, next please!

According to the Eurovision rulebook 6 people are allowed on stage, but only 4 ¾ are allowed on promo pictures. (photo credit:


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