What we noticed in the rehearsals, day 2

In our Facebook support thing for our birthday, we collect money for a better telephoto lens for Andres Putting. We demand close-ups. Pic by: Andres Putting/EBU

Yay, another day of rehearsals is finished. We needed some time to recover after seeing Austria in leather, but can now quietly have a glass of port knowing no more artists ended up in the hospital today. Guess Lisbon got thos safety guidlines in place almost in time.

Also, we noticed a few other things:

  • FYROM’s Eye Cue were the first ones to practice, and she must have had a late night yesterday, as she forgot both her pants and her singing voice at home. We can recommend a project management app called Trello (this is not sponsored content, we swear).
  • Enter Franka from Croatia. She looks like she is about to marry Frankenstein in the most hideous dress ever. Either that or we are in a bad mood today. One of two.
  • Can’t be our mood, because you should have seen us when Cesár rose down from the sky like our own personal, Austrian Jesus.
  • The Greek Goddess Yianna had painted her hand blue as a symbol of Greece. Not sure we get that one. Maybe bring a sandy beach or some free alcohol instead.
  • Saara Aalto tried to make her country proud by bringing everything she associated with Eurovision onstage with her: pink things, diamonds and men. Don’t know about Finland, but we’re not super impressed.
  • Due to a series of unfortunate demonstrations against colour in Yerevan, Armenia is broadcasting their entry in black and black. That’s a little too much black for us.
  • Switzerland’s ZiBBZ  showed up in only a bra standing on her brother’s drum telling us not to harass her #metoo. Betcha she’s the younger sister. But that’s perfectly all right, we’ll focus on the drummer.
  • Ireland looks like he is rehearsing for a school play. And come to think of it, that might be exactly what he is doing.
  • Eleni from Cyprus does some AMAZING hair swings. She is now our new role model. Note to self: practice before entering EuroClub.

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