Moldova being the life of the party

Moldova is serving us a bag of DoReDoS this year and we are absolutely loving it!

It’s the easiest thing in the world to dismiss My Lucky Day as the campiest piece of cheese since the heydays of this particular genre during the mid-noughties. You might call it dated, wooden and corny, stick your nose in the air, shake your head and laugh overbearingly. And when you’re about ready to eat your words, give us a holler, because DoReDoS means business.

This little gem is so delightfully upbeat it’s bound to bring life and joy to every party from Reykjavik to Sydney. And how silly it may seem to serenade a ménage à trois, it just magically works when the artists doing it are so likable and charming in their tongue in cheek take on their entry. Marina, Eugeniu and Sirgiu are playing along, juggling intricate choreography, flirting with each other and the camera, while doing some pretty great singing at the same time.

So do yourself a favor and let go, throw yourself into this whirlwind of Moldovan turbo-folk-pop. Dance, laugh, sing along. Bring it on, it’s magic!

Ups, we would bring something for that funny rash to Lisbon. (photo credit:

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