A walk on the wild side with the Dutch

Waylon is back, and even tough he left Ilse de Lange behind to tend to the cattle back home in Holland, he’s bringing his a-game to Lisbon.

Last time we checked Nashville was a wee further than a lasso throw away from Rotterdam, but seems like nobody told that to Willem Bijkerk aka Waylon. We must admit we struggle a bit to connect the dots between country music and The Netherlands, but then again we have Latino influenced RnB from Cyprus, opera from Estonia and pop music from Finland so we guess it only proves that globalization has reached the Eurovision line-up, and is here to stay.

We cannot claim to be hardcore country and western music fans outside the Eurovision bubble, but having both grown up in rural parts of our already peripheral country we’ve had our fair share of barn dancing and bad moonshine before we became urban, cocktail sipping career women. This is perhaps why we find the Dutch cowboy so irresistible. Every time Outlaw In ‘Em comes on we get the urge to go on a wild drinking spree. We want hunky men pouring us cheap bourbon before they throw us around on the dance floor till we’re soaked, take us for a ride in their dirty pick up and break at least a couple of laws before the break of dawn. In other words, a pretty average Saturday night in Ørsta and Overhalla.

Then we tend to remember the reasons why we left all that behind, but we don’t mind a trip down memory lane while Waylon keeps us company in Lisbon. Yeeha!

He’s about as rare as rocking horse droppings, a cowboy in Eurovision! (photo credit: eurovision.tv)

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