That was a little unfortunate, Sweden

Betcha the Swedish head of delegation has had a nice and quiet weekend with this guy:

That Benjamin Ingrosso has proven himself quite a crowd pleaser. Or not. After our darling buddies at Wiwibloggs posted a video of him with headphones on commenting all the other entries without holding very much back and without digging too deep in that vocabulary of superlatives, it is safe to say that the fan community exploded. And we have got to give it to him: Behaving like a spoiled brat while trashing other competitors just hours before you are to spend two weeks with them has got to be the single most stupid thing we’ve seen an artist do in this competition.

A little unfortunate for Sweden, this guy, and we bet they will check if their artist finished puberty next time around. Must say we are pretty familiar with this behavior in Norway, though. Here, it is called the Petter Northug method. It is just that this bad boy behavior of stating that all competitors suck except you, really works so much better when all you have to do is move really fast, not also win personal votes from people whose countries you just trashed.

Then again, this is a music competition. And while Sweden’s artist was occupied with trying to grow hair on his testicles, we were dancing around in the living room to his song while cleaning our house in the outmost corner of Norway, happily unaware of all the havoc he created. All we noticed was that this was a super fun song that really got us to swing that hoover like it was Alexander Rybak’s fiddle. Plus that our 10-year-old associated jury member didn’t like the song, which should have Sweden slightly worried. Then again, no kid in Norway is able to look beyond Rybak these days, so he might be excused.

While Norway is blessed with an artist that is loved by every kid from here to Vladivostok, and who is so sure of himself he actually spends his rehearsal time complementing other entries, we must admit we don’t think Sweden deserves this. While it may be annoying to the rest of us, Sweden’s delegation proves themselves every year to be super professional. They take this competition very seriously and they always present us with great entries. For that we salute them. Also, it must be stated that we have worked with enough artist to know there are very few Dalai Lamas among them. The only difference is usually whether or not someone documents their rudities and puts it on YouTube for the sake of a scandal.

Now’s the time for Sweden to show they can handle this and yet again move on to great music and staging. In the meantime, we’ll ask Alexander Rybak to sit completely still with his kind smile and watch as the voters flow over to his side. We won’t be smug about it. But we ain’t complaining either.

Colour me happy, they have a trampoline in this play park in Lisbon!

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