Thank God and G:Son for Malta

Every year needs a perfect pop song in Eurovision. We heartfully thank Sir Thomas G:Son for making that happen:

Like any Maltese who knows an a-flat a from minor b, Christabelle Borg is familiar with Eurovision. She has taken part in the national selection MESC three times before, and we were lucky enough to see her entry Lovetricity live in Ta’ Qali arena in 2014. Safe to say, we were highly impressed. She is a great artist with a very good voice, a good presence on stage and a perfectly charming character. She did a magical performance in MESC this year as well, evoking all the goosebumps our bodies are able to produce and we’re so happy she finally got a plane ticket out of Valetta and into the big world.

Taboo is a song Christabelle wrote herself along with experienced writers such as Johnny Sanchez, Muxu and, of course, Sir Thomas G:Son himself. It is well composed, has most ingredients needed for a good pop song and has a perfect buildup that ends in a perfect crescendo, just made for Christabelle’s voice. We do, of course, miss that Thomas G:Son key change, but there’s a great bridge to keep us calm, so we’ll leave that for now.

The song’s lyrics are about mental health. It is an important cause that is bound to reach the audience. Christabelle has also shown it’s not just an act, as she has kicked off quite the discussion about mental health in Malta and also been made an ambassador of the Maltese President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society for mental health, helping raise awareness around the issues. It is very brave of her and the Maltese have all the reasons in the world to be proud.

As a little PS, we need to talk about Malta’s video, though. We mean, what’s the deal with giving us nightmares in the intro there? Does Malta want to scare the mental health out of all of us? Don’t they know the kids are watching? It’s not the first time Malta sends disturbing videos either, so we suggest awarding a free citizenship to the next commercial video producer on the market. But judging by MESC, there’s no reason to worry about the live performance. Just bring the amazing black panther to Lisbon and we believe Malta will sail straight through to the final. We wouldn’t mind if they end up on the left side of the score board, either.

Valetta 2019!

Always wash your hands after touching animals, we’d say


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