Will Israel win this year?

She’s certainly not our toy. But can this lady really take a trophy back to Tel Aviv?

It seems to be the question everyone’s asking right now: Will Israel do an Italy and prove all the bookmakers wrong?

We can think of a few reasons why this entry won’t win:

  1. It is Israel, and there are always quite a few people who don’t vote for Israel just because
  2. A woman that stands in the middle of the stage doing chicken sounds while pushing various buttons on her little machine doesn’t necessarily have the universal appeal we’re looking for
  3. And pushing the button is not necessarily something we want Israel to do
  4. Also, the live performances haven’t exactly been stellar this far

We can also think of a few reasons why it will win:

  1. It is Israel, and there are always quite a few people who vote for Israel just because
  2. It is written by our favorite composer Doron Medalie and this golden boy always knows what he is doing
  3. Look at her, she’s a beautiful creature!
  4. Having a slightly troubled relationships with human rights and being a little prone to fake news seems to be in fashion these days, which might work out real well for Israel

There are quite a few examples of fan favorites not winning Eurovision. In fact, it seems to be more of a rule than the occasional mishap. They do good, of course, as they are remembered and played over and over in the Euroclubs of the future, but in order to win, everything needs to be in place. And for those who grow into the circus as favorites, they tend to forget the necessary fine adjustments of details and PR needed in the last couple of weeks.

Then again, we are lousy at guessing the entire Europe’s opinion, so we’re only here to announce our own opinion. And what is that, exactly? We started out loving this song to bits. Netta is a fun person, we loved that she is so original and strong minded. The song was bound to make us dance and have fun in the arena and we couldn’t seem to get it out of our head. But then it also got kind of annoying in there and we lost our dance moves the sixteenth time around.

But the lyrics are great. Or are they? in the age of #metoo and Beyonce it was only a matter of time before some lady showed up in Eurovision telling us not to play with her. But what difference does it make? Other than attracting voters who are sick of love stories? The concept of greenwashing is  known to lure customers into buying things by appearing to be environmental friendly, and feministwashing ain’t necessarily better. So we’ll hold our horses on this one until we see some interviews in Lisbon, to be honest. But we’ll probably dance all the same.

Israel party, here we come. We’ll gladly practice those horas for next year!

– Whaddaya think, should I push the button?

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