From Belgium with love

Her name is Sennek. Only Sennek. And she is stirred, not shaken:

You have got to admire Belgium. It is a tiny area that operates in three languages and has five governments, yet can go for 540 days without settling the election, eats seafood with mayonnaise (who does that?) and worships a small, annoying boy who pisses all over the place. Nonetheless, they operate the entire control tower of Europe and manage to do whatever they like without anyone meddling in their business.

This also influences Eurovision, of course, where Belgium has appeared 59 times, but only won once, showing Europe they stay true to themselves (whatever that is) without giving an utter fuck what people want. Among the highlights of this century, has been a beatboxing vocal group, an opera singer who clearly enjoys his french fries, a group who sings in an imaginable language (!) accompanied by bagpipes, another band in an imaginable language (what’s the deal here?) accompanied by flute and clarinet, an Elvis Presley copycat in a golden jacket, a disco group that don’t know how to sing, but certainly can get a main part in Hair, a guy who cares about nothing but his guitar and a group pretending to be playing at the opening ceremony for a new beach in Rio de Janeiro.

We cannot but love them. Last year they decided to take it down quite a few notches, though, presenting us with a lady that looked almost invisible with the most depressing song ever and so scared of the audience we kept begging for playback. But the song was good enough, she finished in a stellar 4th place and it looks like all five governments were content, as they try to copy the story this year.

Long story short, it seems we have another depressed young lady at our hands. Sennek is bound for Lisbon with a shiny story of how everything comes crashing down, which is just what we need when gearing up for a party. The song is the epitome of a James Bond song, with all the grandeur and drama associated with those, and it’s so well composed we can forgive them for trying to copy Skyfall. Sennek is a great singer as well, and if she’s a little less Blanche and a little more Adele performance-wise in Altice arena, she might end up doing just as well as the fans seem to believe.

And the message? “It’s just a matter of time before it all echoes echoes and goes crashing against the walls”, Sennek promises us. But don’t you worry. We’re sure Belgium has the perfect James Bond waiting to handle that in right about 540 days.

– What do you mean ‘depressed’? I am totally capable of shaking up the party!

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