Czech Revolution

Forget about those crappy previous entries from Czech Republic. Turns out they were just waiting for the right time to introduce Mikolas Josef:

Czech Republic has a rather sad and short Eurovision history. They only participated 7 times and failed to qualify all but one of those times, when they came 25th. That’s even worse than their neighbour Slovakia, who have been MIA since that hairy thing in 2012. Guess the velvet revolution failed to negotiate the very important responsibility for sharing great music with Europe. Shame on you, Vaclav Havel, time for a new protest.

And so it came. We all had to blink a couple of times extra when Czech Republic was among the first countries to announce their entry in January. We hardly believed neither our ears nor our eyes when the entry was the fabulous Mikolas Josef looking as fabulous as Buddy Holly and Justin Bieber combined, singing a funky song with dirty lyrics Justin Timberlake would envy him while handling a double bass, playing a trumpet like he was Louis Armstrong, doing a little breakdance and RIDING A CAMEL.It must be the best thing to come out of Prague after Franz Kafka What the actual f… happened? Did the Czechs spend all the other years on low fuel just saving up for this? .

Safe to say, we love this. It is every bit as fun, catchy, accessible and unforgettable as a Eurovision entry should be, and we’re super happy Mikolas made it himself with no Swedish filter applied. He certainly is super talented and charming with great moves and an even better voice and we cannot for the sake of us understand why we never met him before. According to his impressive biography, he has even worked as a street musician in Oslo, though, so shame on us for that.

Currently, Czech Republic is betted as the third most likely winner of Eurovision, and we easily see this one as having more universal appeal than Israel (1st) and Bulgaria (2nd). The risk of being such a grand favorite with only a music video to show, is that you might fall through when you hit that grand Eurovision stage in front of a vast amount of high-expecting fans. Judging by Mikolas’ performances in the preview parties, there is no risk of that, though. Just don’t tell the kids what this song is really about, and they’ll vote like crazy.

And the rest of us might just have to book our tickets to Vaclav Havel airport sooner than we think. Get ready for revolution!

– You know, I am over 21 now. It was about time I invested in progressive glasses

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