It’s not funny, Latvia

We’re heading over to Latvia to check out what they have dished up for us this year, and it turns out to be a Rizzotto.

There’s nothing funny about writing your own music, good on Laura Rizzotto for being the creative force behind her entry. Unfortunately this is about the only positive aspect we can come up with when reviewing the self penned Funny Girl. Because being undeniably talented, brimming with creativity and looking drop dead gorgeous does not guarantee a successful outcome. Funny Girl is not a song; it’s a three minute long display of how wrong it can go when trying too hard. And it’s simply not very interesting watching an artist feeling smug about herself while doing intricate poses, pouting her lips and coyly looking into the camera with sultry eyes.

We have a hard time wrapping our heads around the fact that the Latvians actually voted for this in Supernova, let alone imagining that anyone around Europe would bother to vote for something so incredibly pretentious and self-indulgent.

Music as an art form is all about giving something to the listener to enjoy, or take comfort in, to keep us company when hoovering, to scream along to when we’re mad, it can be the perfect soundtrack to our lives, it can make us happy, thoughtful, inspired or whatever, there really are no boundaries. When the artist so obviously creates music for her own pleasure alone, then she’ll get a big fat “no, thanks” in return from us.

– Mirror. mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest Brasilian-Latvian girl in Eurovision this year? (photo credit:

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