Hungarian head banger

Forget Sweden. Hungary seems to be the new power nation of Eurovision:

Just like after a certain other election, we have to admit we were a little disappointed when Hungary chose their entry this year. We were already set for Hungary’s spoon playing Horváth Tamás winning the entire Eurovision in Lisbon with his song Meggyfa. It just didn’t occur to us he might not win in Hungary. Safe to say, we were in shock. What a waste of opportunity both for securing the trophy and for scoring some very high points on GEE’s hotlist.

Anyway, we decided to get over our broken hearts now and focus on new opportunities. And that turned out to be a wise decision. The Hungarian winners were the group AWS, who started as a teenage band in 2006 and went on to touring Hungary and the world for the last 12 years. They are just as tight and experienced as that may suggest, mixing styles like metal, psychedelic rock and post-rock. Also, their bio tells us their music “is a tool for expressing a wide range of emotions ranging from extreme anger to exalted joy” and that they are “proud supporters of the anti-celebrity culture”. Ah, the irony and self loathing these guys are bound to experience in Lisbon.

As we originate from Norway, the country where everyone is born with inverted crosses in their hands and learn how to scream insanities into the microphone in kindergarten, we have to approve, of course. “Viszlát Nyár” is a song that easy to like and slightly easier to comprehend than the stuff our own county’s metalheads calls music. It may encompass a slightly higher dose of testosterone than what is usually ordered by the Eurovision fans, but we’re all for it. This is like metal made for Eurovision, complete with a fetching melody, a crazy bridge and even an amazing key change. Clearly, someone asked Thomas G: Son for advice.

We love that Hungary sends entries in Hungarian, that must be one of this world’s most beautiful languages, even when screamed. Luckily, there’s also translations, and the lyrics tells us it is about being heartbroken. Maybe AWS were also sad to see Tamás go, then, but we think AWS are a very good replacement. So watch out for those banging heads in Altice Arena. Two of them will for sure belong to us. We might even clear some room on our hotlist for that guitar player, come to think of it.

Budapest 2019!

When you are anti celebrity, we guess it makes sense to dress like that


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