Wrinkle Free Lithuania

Last year Lithuania failed miserably with sending a concept instead of an actual song to compete in Eurovision. Thus we can totally understand the urgency of sending a good old-fashioned proper ballad to Lisbon. While Fusedmarc was a screaming hot mess, Ieva Zasimauskaitė barely whispers her way through her designated three minutes. If we could have pasted a big FRAGILE sticker over the whole performance we would.

It’s hard to make a big impact with such a stripped down, quiet, uneventful entry. The song needs to rely on its own merit and the live performance must be stellar. In the national final Ieva was dressed in a colorless frock, sat in the dark on the floor for the most part of the performance and it was agonizingly boring. Towards the end a man who appears to be Ieva’s husband suddenly surfaces on stage and it’s probably meant to be cute and adorable, but to us it just looks weird and awkward. From our vast experience as seasoned Eurovision travellers our friendly advice is to leave husbands, kids, pets and other family members at home.

Puppet master Björkman has sandwiched Ieva between two of the biggest pre contest favorites Czech Republic and Israel, which from a running order point of view is the right thing to do, but it’s probably the kiss of death for Lithuania. It’s the perfectly timed toilet break entry and poor Ieva will be gone without a trace before anyone can say Zasimauskaitė.

Ieva is not afraid to grow old, which is of course cute coming from a 24 year old. (photo credit: eurovision.tv)

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