Croatia not being crazy enough

Absolutely no one talked about the Croatian entry before allegations of plagiarism surfaced on the Internet about a week ago. All PR is good PR we guess, at the very least it made us notice that Croatia is indeed participating this year. Anyhow, what appeared to be a major crisis in the making within the fan world, turned out to be an unfortunate mishap by one of the producers behind Crazy. Apparently you can make a living out of selling beats online for 80 bucks apiece. Sometimes we contemplate quitting our day jobs.

Crazy may not be the product of plagiarism, but it’s not particularly original either. It’s the sort of song that reminds us of a number of different songs we’ve heard a million times before, but we can’t pinpoint exactly which ones. This could be an advantage, as people tend to fall for something that sounds familiar and uncomplicated, or a weakness if it just sounds recycled and boring. We are leaning towards the latter as we can’t seem to work up much enthusiasm whenever this track comes on our Spotify list.

The artist Franka seems quite fun and funky though. We picture her having a bubbly personality that will go down well during the press conferences in Lisbon. Sadly for her it won’t necessarily translate into points, as we can’t really see who will end up voting for her. Very few will love this entry and no one will hate it with passion either. It’s just there. At least for the semi-final, and most likely the journey ends there.

– OMG, I look like the lovechild of Hilary Swank and Kylie Minogue! (photo credit:


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