Bulgaria being bad to the bone

Can five rights turn out to be one big wrong? We’re looking at you, EQUINOX.

We are usually cautious towards so called supergroups formed especially for the purpose of performing in the Eurovision Song Contest. There are probably examples of successful collaborations and feel free to remind us in the comment section, but all we can remember are the car crashes and train wrecks, like Just4Fun for Norway in 91 and more recently Genealogy for Armenia. And don’t you need at least a couple of superstars in order to be entitled to coin the group as super? An X-factor winner, a former backing singer and a couple of American producers doesn’t exactly knock our socks off.

Bulgaria has had a terrific run the past couple of years and after the hype earlier this winter before Bones was released we started to believe we might be off to Sofia in 2019. But forget that, not gonna happen.

We simply cannot figure out whether this is a song that will fit into the Eurovision format. It has potential to do well in Lisbon, but it depends heavily on the staging. As a recorded track, Bones sounds more like a dark and moody movie score, better fitted to be brooding in the background, than a perfectly crafted smash hit grabbing everyone’s attention. And whether a group of five individuals who barely know each other will manage to work together and create a coherent, tight and sparkling performance remains to be seen.

It seems like we’ve developed the habit of underestimating the Bulgarian entries, and we might be far off the mark for yet another year. When the final week draws nearer we usually have no integrity left anyway, so don’t be surprised to find us jumping up and down with a Bulgarian flag in Altice Arena come May.

The look you get when you break wind in that too tight latex outfit. (Photo credit: eurovision.tv)


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