Slovenia is not passé

Experienced readers of GEE might have noticed the occasional sarcasm directed towards techno. Luckily, there’s also Lea Sirk:

The last couple of years there’s been quite a few attempts at making the classy Eurovision stage sound like the inside of an unmentionable Ayia Napa beach disco. While that might work for a late night crowd at EuroClub and while we might change our minds ouselves after quite a few tequila shots, we usually do not approve in the contest itself. There are opportunities at schlager to be missed and too many sing-along choruses needed at karaoke nights. Also, might just be that we are a couple of days over 20, but we don’t really see the need for modernizing anything that works.

What we do see, however, is the need for cool ladies. And Lea Sirk is not just one herself, she also brings with her four more of the sort. She is an experienced artist with a super cool attitude and a great voice who really knows how to move. This all became even more evident when we saw her imitation of last year’s winner Salvador Sobral. She looks even better in a beard than Conchita, but we must say we prefer pink hair.

Lea sings in Slovenian, which sounds so cool we switched into that language in DuoLingo immediately. We then learnt that the song is about setting your body free, thinking loudly and fighting for people. Add a funky tune that is bound to set the audience on fire and what could possibly go wrong?

We might have hoped for a little bit more schlager potential, of course, but maybe that would be selling Lea’s soul, and as she sings herself: That is so passé. Note so selves: Bring our pink wigs to Lisbon.

– Look! I gave my choir girls something to practice with so they don’t forget my name

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