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All right, it’s time to take a closer look at the other Balkan ballad in the second semi-final. We may have accidentally given you half our review of Serbia’s Nova Deca when raving on about Montenegro the other day, but this little gem is turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving, so please bear with us and our ramblings. It’s all there really, crammed into three minutes. From the excessively long song intro and the proper use of traditional instruments to gorgeous women with pouty lips and lots of purposeful arm waving. The lyrics are of course being kept in the original language, and never mind the lyrics by the way, because chanting nananas and sorrowful wailing makes up most of the singing anyway.

From what we understand, Sanja Ilić is the bloke on the keyboard in the background and he was banging out Eurovision entries long before the majority of this year’s participants were even born. In 1998 he formed Balkanika and they’ve been banging out hefty folktronica tunes ever since. Goes without saying we need this genre in the Eurovision line-up.

We are loving the carefully choreographed staging of this entry and are confident that it will look great on an even bigger stage in Lisbon. We’re not too sure about the frocks though, which look like they’ve been nicked straight from Alexis Carrington’s negligée cabinet. And if we are to be overly critical we’re not too keen on the song going all Safri Duo on us half way through, but we reckon we’ll manage to live with it. Because this is the bread and butter of Eurovision and without it we’d all be lost.

Can someone please tell us who this bloke photo bombing this picture is? (photo credit:


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