Montenegro in the right corner

You don’t know what you got till it’s gone, the saying says and it wasn’t until Eurovision was wiped clean of Balkan ballads we realized how much we really adore this genre. One simply cannot endure Eurovision with at least one, tear dripping, larger than life, big fat BB in the line-up and this year we will have TWO. Oh, joy. Proves to show beyond doubt that splitting up Serbia and Montenegro was the right decision.

After the Slavko debacle last year, Montenegro plays it safe and sends Vanja Radovanovic to Lisbon to restore his country’s reputation. He makes sure everyone learns that his fellow countrymen are decent chess players, who enjoys going to symphony concerts and a spot of chasing shit scared innocent virgins into the forest on a regular basis. Reminds us that we really need to put Montenegro on our list of potential travel destinations, it sounds like a lot of fun. And we heard it’s still dirt-cheap there too, so we better go before it becomes as overpriced as the French Riviera!

As far as the big Balkan ballad battle goes, also known as BBBB, we think Serbia will pip Montenegro at the post in the second semi-final. But that’s only because they have an old bloke playing a flute. We haven’t really seen Montenegro’s staging yet, but if they throw in a couple of gorgeous feminine women dressed in masculine suits apparently having no other business than pouting sultry into the camera, then the game is on. Heck, for all we know, both countries might end up qualifying for the final.

We can hardly wait to hear the gay hands in the air disco remix of Inje at Euroclub.

Vanja Radovanovic only seconds after he found out that Serbia has an old bloke playing a flute. (Photo credit:


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