Some thoughts before the grand final

When we discovered the mask didn’t work, we decided to make use of the second largest Norwegian symbol: Our flag. Pic by Thomas Hanses/EBU

Hooray, it’s the national day of all fans: The day of the Eurovision final! As always it is a day of conflicted emotions, as it is also the last day of two weeks of fabulous celebration and partying with amazing artists and fans from all over Europe and Australia. And we have to leave the fantastic city of Kyiv tomorrow, which will be like leaving the newfound love of our lives. Also, we think the hunky guys at the fabulous Druzi café will miss us coming in every morning to cure our carefully crafted hangover with two eggs and an avocado smoothie and more black coffee than any Ukrainian has ever been able to order in one day.

But let’s not get emotional as the best is yet to come! We have been preparing ourselves with buying Ukrainian flower headbands and getting a manicure. The latter was a disturbing experience. A very thorough lady massacred our cuticles with scary instruments while we got to watch a movie about some kids who found a dead old man by the sea, put him on a raft and set him on fire. Turned out the movie was Scottish. Let’s never ever let Scotland participate on their own in Eurovision. They could be the new Finland.

Thursday, we went on live radio back home to let our mums know we were alive. It is so much easier than calling them, really. We also played Joci Papai and told the listeners what an amazing guy this man is and how important his performance is for the Romani society, that is also under attack here in Ukraine. We are so proud of Joci now we almost forget we are not Hungarians. But we ARE Norwegians, and JOWST is also making us real proud with their excellent rehearsal so there’s no need to apply for a new citizenship. Yay!

The only thing that we dislike in Kyiv is traffic. We were stuck in it for an hour and consequently missed the meet and greet with Sunstroke Project. We wrote them, telling them they could get a private meet and greet with us in the press centre as a consolation price, but they didn’t respond. Now considering starting a Facebook page called “we demand that GEE gets a private meeting with Sunstroke Project”, but those things are so much work, so we might just ditch the Moldovan guys instead. Less hassle for our mums, at least.

Also, we have been blabbering away all over Kyiv, which suddenly became very obvious in the morning media report from our secretary. We are famous in Latvian and Moldovan newspapers already, of course, and today we are on print in a major newsmagazine all over Ukraine, talking about our taste for Ukrainian men and Crimean Tatar flags. Also, we are in a Norwegian celebrity magazine talking about when Conchita played in the semi-final and the audience went ballistic. And we are in a Norwegian tabloid talking about Marco Mengoni’s crotch-gate (sorry, hon).

In addition, we have been all over the morning news and in most Norwegian newspapers saying Norway did a fabulous rehearsal yesterday and might hit top 10 now. AND we have no less than three interviews planned for the following hours as well as being part of the live coverage in two different newspapers tonight. Man, it’s hard work to be famous. But at least there is not a single soul in Norway that doesn’t know we are still alive now. Which might change when we remember we have a morning flight in the wee hours of EuroClub tonight.

Back to music. We’re still not sure who is going to win this. Turns out the year everyone was so united in their predictions for Italian victory is now wide open again, and we have to admit we didn’t quite get that landslide winning feeling for Francesco in last night’s juryfinal. Will the audience give their heart to Salvador instead? Could Bulgaria get a much wanted victory? Or could someone surprise everyone and snitch that glass microphone away from all of those?

We dare not conclude, but we thank the great efforts of many fantastic artists for making this more exciting than we ever dared to dream of. Let the games begin!

And this would be us by the end of the night. Pic by ourselves after at least a couple of bottles of Dom Perignon

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