Fan of the day: Ingmar Van Bloois

As we gather in Kyiv, we meet a lot of great fans in all their gloriousness. But we shall not forget some of the most important fans are at home, following it all on their various screens. Time to present one of our favorite readers and Eurovision fans: Ingmar!

– Name, age, occupation, where are you from (we will welcome alternative facts here if needed)?

– My name is Ingmar van Bloois, I’m 25 years old and I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I work as host in a health facility and besides that, I’m proud member of the board at the local and one of the eldest LGBTI-associations in the world, COC Rotterdam.

– Why do you love Eurovision?

– This contest in whole its extravaganza is just the most amazing way of expressing who you are and how you feel. It can be touching, hysteric, hilarious, moving and it’s one big family. Meeting all these people every year, going through the whole circus starting in June, it makes you feel you’re belonging to something and yes, I’m proud to be part of this!

– Tell us about a favourite memory related to Eurovision (Bring it on, the dirtier, the better)!

– Last year I was standing outside the Euroclub and just having a chat with a young woman, apparently she was from Iceland. This all after a few glasses of champagne, since we were celebrating Douwe Bob’s place in the Grand Final. I asked the girl why there’s always a song called “Augnablik” in Söngvakeppnin on which she answered: “O, that was me last year!” Seems to be I was having a great conversation with Stefanía Svavarsdóttir. Awkward, but hej, that’s me.

– Did you meet any Eurovision artists? Who was your favorite encounter and why?

– Esther Hart is by far among the artist I like the most. Meeting her and chatting with her for a few hours was an amazing experience and we live in the same city, which means I do come across her sometimes.

– And what Eurovision artist would you invite for dinner if you got to choose freely?

– Just for dinner you say? Patricia Kaas.

– What is your favorite entry ever?

– This Is My Life by Euroband comes close. Shear perfection.

– What is your favorite entry this year?

Armenia for the win!

– What is the ultimate fan behaviour?

– Having no guilty pleasure at all. Be proud, be seen and enjoy freaking all of it! Ultimate fan behaviour contains the not letting go when meeting and hugging an artist as well. “Will you let me go?” “No.”

– If Eurovision suddenly decided politics were allowed, what would be your first political statement?

– Hmn… You mean the Lasha Tumbai kinda politics? Or the pleading for a federal European state? If we could combine those two in one song in a Reise Nach Jeruzalem or Moja štikla way, that would be pretty awesome.

– Are you going to Kyiv or do you have other plans for the final? What are your expectations?

– Unfortunately, I’m not going to Kyiv. I’m going to watch the Semi-Finals in Athens and I’ll be watching the Grand Final in Stockholm, just because we can. I’ve got absolutely no clue whatsoever on who will win, how The Netherlands will do (or any country in general). I just hope that the best will win and we all know that all can still turn out differently than what the bookies say. In the end it’s still Europe.

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