Into space with Montenegro

Montenegro is treating us to a disco stomper about space travel this year. And even though we must admit that we would have preferred a Balkan ballad, we approve.

Slavko Kalezić seems to be modest and a down to earth, boy next-door kind of type. He clearly doesn’t like making a fuss and it’s nice to see that it’s possible to get ahead in the music industry without being manically attention seeking 24-7.

We find it a bit odd that such an earthbound guy sings a song about space travel, but we suppose he was one of those kids who spent hours alone in his room gazing at the stars every night before he went to bed. He probably dreamt about becoming an astronaut, but perhaps his math grades weren’t good enough, so he had to opt for becoming an artist instead. Still, he seems to know a lot about the subject. He knows the importance of putting on a proper suit before departure and we are sure he knows his way around once onboard the space shuttle too. Suffice to say it’s necessary to know how to use the advanced equipment and push the right buttons on the control panel to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. We bet the girls across Europe dreaming about meeting a handsome astronaut will vote in droves for the dashing Slavko.

Moreover, we are super impressed by Slavko’s long braid. He must have saved his hair for years and we’re a bit jealous, cause we don’t have the patience or the hair quality to grow the perfect Rapunzel braid. The way he whips it around makes us think that it must symbol something, but we can’t quite figure out what it is. Perhaps it has something to do with the tail of Halley’s Comet? Better suggestions are welcome in the comment section below.

The problem with going for such a low-key performance is that it is easily overlooked by the voters at home. This might not bode well for Slavko’s chances of qualifying for the Grand Final, but we choose to believe that he has the ability to squeeze in.

The braid can also be used as climbing equipment. Photo credit: Dejan Milićević

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