Momento Mori, France

If only French Eurovision entries could be as entertaining as their politics nowadays.

The French were really on to something last year, with Amir being the most delightful, genuine and talented artist representing the once so great Eurovision nation in years. Arguably, the only thing that kept us from ending up in Paris instead of Kyiv this year was the French’s usual habit of messing up their staging.

Have lessons been learned since Stockholm? After watching clips of today’s first rehearsal our initial response is nah. Don’t get us wrong, we fully appreciate the measures that have been taken recently. Alma continues in the same vain as Amir with the same composer and a similar style. Requiem is despite the title, a fresh, perky and clever little pop tune, a far cry away from hyperactive Twins, serious looking women singing sinister songs and whatnot. But we cannot bring ourselves to become particularly worked up about a cute girl in a cute dress trying to look effortlessly cool while cramming in as many French words as possible without catching her breath. We’re like blah, whatever and suddenly checking for updates on Facebook becomes more interesting.

Alma has been a darling in all the preview events and the fans have rewarded her with lots of love and affection. But somehow we do not think this will translate into a landslide of votes ticking in next Saturday.

We die so slowly that we think we live. But at least with fab lipstick on! Photo credit: Renaud Corlouer

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