A few facts about Azerbaijan

There are many things to say about Azerbaijan. Here are a few of them:

  • Azerbaijan has a man with a horse head onstage
  • And we haven’t seen a man with a horse head since The Odyssey
  • Heck, we didn’t even think those centaurs existed, but guess Azerbaijan has it all
  • They also have a song. We keep forgetting about it
  • And a chalkboard, which we personally haven’t seen since 1991
  • And a ladder, for horse head guy. Makes sense
  • Azerbaijan is famous and much appreciated for handing out free booze to journalists. Kinda explains those raving reviews
  • The singer is rather good. But what was the song like again?
  • The singer is called Dihaj. That’s almost like DJ, which she most certainly is not
  • The singer also has a nose ring. Which we personally haven’t seen since 1991
  • Did we mention Azerbaijan has a man with a horse head onstage?
  • Anyone who does something wrong in Eurovision’s press center has to spell Azerbaijan fifteen times on the chalkboard. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
  • “I’m a skeleton”, the singer says. That explains the gray hair
  • Azerbaijan has almost 10 million people
  • They do not have an official religion. Apart from Eurovision, that is
  • Azerbaijan claims to be a democracy. No further comment there
  • Azerbaijan often gets 12 points from Malta. Which totally makes sense
  • Azerbaijan and Armenia cannot seem to agree on Nagorno-Karabakh, which calls for many interesting conversations in the press center
  • The capital Baku has great buildings by the late Zaha Hadid. Good things come to those who pay
  • And the Azeris should have payed Sweden for a better song, mind you. We keep forgetting about this one
  • But at least you learned a few things about Azerbaijan, aye?
Not sure they have hairdressers in Azerbaijan, though

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