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What to do when you are not allowed to grab pussies anymore? You head for the moment:

Informed readers might have noticed: We had another favorite than JOWST in our national final for Eurovision, MGP. Not being strong electronica fans, and especially not Kygo fans, it should have come as no surprise that we instantly looked elsewhere for the winner after the first couple of chords from those guys. And now, when our entire nation is watching reindeer move minute by minute 24-7, we are remembering the sadness that we didn’t get to share Elin & The Woods’ strong take on the sami culture with the world.

But we are over that now. We promise. Especially since we started on the mission of actually listening to JOWST and we realized we missed out on a few things while we were trying to be politically correct in Oslo Spektrum. Like Aleksander’s fabulous hat and Joakim‘s fabulous mask. Or the microphone, lightning up in the dark. Or Aleksander’s most impressive voice. Or the strong lyrics wrapped in a catchy melody you can actually remember. But most importantly the ginormous energy these guys present us with. Come chorus one and you already want to jump up and dance. Which is heartily welcomed after a yawnfest of ballads.

How could we have overlooked all this in our very own national selection?

We are now curious to see what these guys can come up with live on the big stage. We have so many ideas here, really. Like borrowing Greece’s old trampoline. Or borrowing Greece’s old trampoline. Or how about borrowing Greece’s old trampoline? All of those could have been fun. In addition there has been a discussion with the EBU on whether they could keep a little voice sampling, and the EBU hasn’t threatened our government or anything yet, nor has Sweden started a war, so it’s looking good for a little rule bending from our side.

We have to admit we are not always happy with our country. It is just too full of rich people who don’t want to share their wealth, vote far right and make begging for help seem like a crime. Oh, and it is freezing over here. In Eurovision, it has sometimes been embarrassing to be Norwegian, and not just because we’ve had weak entries, but also because the artists have turned their back on the fan community, not showing up to the preparties around Europe and mostly staying in their hotel room with the head of delegation instead of partying at EuroClub. Guess Norwegians take Eurovision way too seriously, not knowing that joining the parties is as serious as it gets.

But then there are those who surprise us and keep our nationalism at the minimum required level. JOWST most certainly are among those, as they have been traveling to no less than ALL of the preview shows, seeming very sweet and charming and fun indeed. Its almost as if we start tracing their genealogy to see if they are immigrants, but then we remember one of them is in fact from Nord-Trøndelag, which is of course a little better than the rest of our rugged country (BR, fellow nordtrønder Guri, editor’s comment). Now all we need is for them to show up in EuroClub, and we might become nationalists again. Who would have known?

Oh, and we’re sure JOWST will do good in the arena as well, and we are super excited to see their rehearsal this week. Just remember the trampoline, will ya? Surely we can afford the rent.

Oh, nothing. Just showcasing the look of one of the most outgoing Norwegians in Eurovision to date.


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