Fan Of The Day: Mads Mortensen

Mads Mortensen is one of our favorite Danes, which says a whole lot since Denmark is one of our favorite countries and we secretly wish they could adopt us and grant us a second citizenship. Mads is both funny and sweet and represents the values we appreciate the most about the Eurovision fan community. It’s all about inclusion, tolerance and embracing the differences. Besides, he has a wonderful geeky side and knows his Eurovision history. He brings plenty of sass, dresses sharp, charms the girls and he invites you all to join the party. So without further ado, here’s Mads!

– Name, age, occupation, where are you from?

– Hello Eurovision fans! It’s Mads from Denmark here, and I’m a Eurovision and especially a Melodifestival fan into my bones.. I’m 32 years old and trying to find myself and a new job. But then again I have better time to work with and enjoy the Eurovision season.

– Why do you love Eurovision?

I love Eurovision because it’s for everybody, you can love the music, you can love the show, you can love the dresses. When I was kid my whole family was brought together and watched the show, and we all had crazy hats and voting papers.. Today I also love Eurovision because it has given me so much love and so much friends and network, that I’m looking forward to see, friends from all over the world, who loves the same that I do.

– Tell us about a favorite memory related to Eurovision (Bring it on, we love the goss!)

– My favourite memory has to be Malmø 2013 when we were the fave from the beginning of the year and everybody was to positive and talking good about us. It’s easy to go to Eurovision and talk about the others, but it was very difficult to talk about our own entry as a huge favourite. But the 2 weeks in Malmø were some of the best in my life, and when we won I really couldn’t believe it, even I knew we will win. And the afterparty in Euroclub was ended with a dance with your Norwegian darling Margaret Berger, and a drunk songwriter from Denmark who of course was happy, as we all were.

– Did you meet any Eurovision artists? Who was your favorite encounter and why?

– Haha, I am so shy and nervous when I see a Eurovision star, even though most are lovely and like us fans enjoy the whole contest. But I have some good memories from Malmø here too. I was at the Nordic party with my friends and when our Emmelie arrived at the party all the photographers and fans were around her and taking photos. After a while she saw me and she gave me a very big and long hug. The next day I could read that she was hugging her boyfriend, YUP thats me..

But the biggest star I meet in Malmø was not even a real Eurovision star (but still a icon). I had just arrived at the afterparty and I was wearing my Emmelie t-shirt and danish clothes, then there was a nice older man who saw me and came over to me and talked about how nice and cool my dress was and gave me compliments and was really nice and comfortable to talk with. When he was gone after a while there was a girl who asked me if i knew who that man was, that was the first time I found out that it was the famous designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who was the man behind Dana International’s winner dress and Petra Mede’s dress at Eurovision. If i knew that I would had a selfie with him, of course.

One of Emmelie de Forest’s highlights in Malmø was meetig up with Mads.

– And what Eurovision artist would you invite for dinner if you got to choose freely?

– This will be the most boring answer of the week, mostly because we know each other, and I have been together with him many times, but I will say Mr. Melodifestival Christer Björkman. That man has so many stories and anecdotes about MF and Eurovision, and at the same time he is funny like hell. Could be a fun night.

– What is your favorite entry ever?

– Oh, that question is the one many Eurovision fans hate, there are so many, and so much good. But in the early days and in the era of live bands my favourite has always been Sweden 1996 “Den Vilda” with One More Time. I love the mood in the song, and I love the celtic sound that was very popular that year. I also like Norway’s entry that year “I Evighet”.

– What is your favorite entry this year?

– It’s a great year with few bad songs, but if I should choose one I will go lonely down the road and say Serbia. It’s a wonderful pop song, and I’m happy when I listen to it.. But I think like 98% others that Italy is going to win.

– What is the ultimate fan behavior?

– To cheer for all countries who are participating in Eurovision ALSO Russia. My darkest moment in the history is still from Copenhagen 2014 when most people in the audience were booing at the poor and sweet twin sisters. No, I don’t agree with all that is happening, but that was not in the Eurovision spirit, and the same happend to Polina in 2015. Shame on you, dear fans..

– If Eurovision suddenly decided politics were allowed, what would be your first political statement?

– Eurovision should not be political this year tells why, it’s not good for the competition and it’s sad for the fans in Russia, and us who like their entries.

– Are you going to Kyiv or do you have other plans for the final? What are your expectations?

– No, I’m not going this year, but the danish OGAE fan club is host for at grand final party in Copenhagen, when we will see the final on big screen and there will be some artists and karaoke..

Everyone is welcome, if you not are going to Ukraine just follow the link here..

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