Mamas ready for a sunstroke

Can five be the lucky number for Moldova’s Sunstroke Project? There are reasons to believe so!

The Sunstroke Project are a curious bunch. They seem most dedicated to Eurovision, as they have participated once and tried to participate tree times before. It always gets them a lot of attention, thanks to a groove others can only dream of and. not the least, a dancing saxophone player without a single bone in his body. This year they participate with their best song ever, which is catchy and fun and makes you want to dance and sing along.

Why, then, oh, WHY did these guys make a music video about a woman who smashes eggs over her boobs and reveals a bad taste in underwear? Is soft porn trendy in Moldova? Because we are telling you it is not very popular in Scandinavia, where hipsters hide themselves in oversized jeans. Could be we are bluenoses here, but we still remember one of the band members continuously grabbing our asses during the parties in Oslo and this just adds to the tacky impression. Then again, these guys grew older now and so did our asses, so we might put all that behind us, pun intended. Let’s just state that we gladly would have watched Epix Sax Guy moving for three minutes instead of these botox chicks and we hope that’s what we’ll be doing a week from now.

And let’s not forget about the other two. Sunstroke project have been working together for years, and it is great to see a band that actually works so well, which has not always been the case in Eurovisional history. While Sunstroke are all about the fun, they are also three highly skilled musicians who clearly know what they are doing and we heartily welcome them back as often as they like. Their song is also the one our 9 year old associated jury member chooses to play very loudly on his phone whenever he gets the chance, and we are telling you that is usually a very good sign.

This year Moldova might also benefit from the fact that Russia and Ukraine went all grumpy with their less than mediocre songs and no one wants to vote for them, whether they are present or not. There are of course also countries like Georgia and Azerbaijan to join that afterparty of votes, but of those only Moldova has a decent entry. We easily see a sunstroke happening in the final, and it should be interesting to see how they handle an Italian and his KingKong. We’ll be cheering for sure. With all of our asses!

– He always gets most of the attention. When do I get my own meme?

Wanna know more about Sunstroke Project? Read our interview with them.

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