Don’t do THIS for your lover

So, how do you make things right when you piss off a live studio audience? You don’t.

Manel Navarro certainly has had his fair share of trouble since he won the national final Objetivo Eurovisión in Spain on the 11th of February. Seems like being named a winner by the jury after a tie with the audience favorite is a dead serious crime in Spain. Even so much so that it reached the Spanish parliament, where socialist politician José Miguel Camacho demanded quite a few answers about the selection process. Whoever claimed Eurovision isn’t a political matter clearly never set foot in Spain, we’d say. But we applaud the politicians of a country in deep economical crisis for making the right priorities, of course.

What Manel could have done, is rising above all this, him actually being the winner with a free ticket to Kyiv and all. This way he certainly would have won our sympathy as well. Did he do that, though? Not exactly. Instead he answered a booing audience with showing them the finger. And while he did in fact apologize for that, he still seems rather whiny and pathetic. Maybe it is also kind of hard to pull off that happy, easy going chap thing when the parliament is watching your every step.

Guess Manel should be happy he is not representing Russia and/or take a few tips from Sergey Lazarev at some point. Let’s move on to the song. Might we have just a little chat about those lyrics? Don’t know if there are some deeper meaning lost in translation here, but does Manel really mean that if your lover is having a shitty time, you should clap your hands for him or her? What the actual f? We have encountered way too many self help lessons in Eurovision, with this year reaching a not very favorable all time high, but we have to say that is the worst we have ever heard. Not even Paolo Coelho could think of such a thing. And to paraphrase Meatloaf: We most certainly will not do THAT.

Also, there is the melody. The first minute of the song is actually fine, starting off as a second class Gianluca Bezzina-ripoff with an easygoing acoustic guitar and a sweet voice that’s not upsetting too many. But then he goes ahead and assaults the whole thing with voice sampling? What was the point there? It sounds like The Scatman is so pissed off Mirela didn’t win, he decided to rise from 1994 and make us suffer real hard for it. And then Manel starts screaming “just do it, just do it, just do it, just do it, just do it, just do it”, like he is either getting a severe sum of money for content marketing from NIKE or he is really finding it that hard to make people clap their hands. And on top of all that there is la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la?

This does not let us see the light of day. Time to clap your hands, peeps. If not for your lover.

No, Manel. That is actually called clapping your head.

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