Let’s Get The Party Started, Israel

How many motivational messages can we endure to take in during a few lovely days in May? Surprisingly many, so it seems!

Having a closer look at the song lyrics this season we can only assume that quite a few of the contestants must have gone through a troublesome journey, overcoming a number of obstacles and battling doubts and fears while transforming themselves into winners, achieving the ultimate goal of representing *insert native country* in the Eurovision Song Contest. And when going through such a profound experience why not make a song about it?

IMRI has excelled from backing singer to taking center stage for Israel in Kyiv and he has every right to feel smug about himself and his accomplishment. To celebrate he brings us a nicely wrapped gift in the form of a party anthem that is guaranteed to get people on their feet in the arena as well as at home in front of the telly from Sydney to Reykjavik. How very thoughtful of him to think of us and we reckon he shall be rewarded with quite a few points coming his way in return. I Feel Alive ticks off most boxes of what makes a great Eurovision entry:

    • Pumping beats
    • Uplifting lyrics
    • Singalong friendly chorus
    • Dance routine
    • A great buildup with clearly defined structure: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, AWESOME ETHNIC RIFF, chorus, chorus, chorus
    • Hot bloke

The question remaining while Mr. Björkman switches on the stage lanterns in Kyiv and points it directly on IMRI, is he ready to kill that voice in his head telling him he’s really just a backing singer, and grab the moment when it counts? We sincerely hope so, for IMRI’s sake and for the sake of the contest, which desperately needs the energy, fun and party vibe injected into the line-up.

Sadly, judging on the preview party performances there’s still some work that needs to be done on this entry before it’s ready to sweep Europe+ off its feet. IMRI has come across as unfocused, uncomfortable and unprepared. He looks smashing, but we struggle to detect any real charisma and that’s a bigger problem not so easily solved as improving a few dance moves and remembering when to look into the camera. Still, as long as IMRI manages to escape from the semi-final we think he has the chance to do relatively well when the real party gets going on Saturday night.

IMRI has read the writing on the wall and it makes no sense whatsoever. Photo credit: Ronen Akerman


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