Greece <3 The 90s

Greece has had a bit of a bad run the past three years that culminated with failing to qualify for the Grand Final last year. Honest to God, we saw pigs fly around in Globen when all the ten envelopes were opened without the Hellenic sky-blue-white making its usual appearance. Although we must admit to have started to doubt Greece’s position as a dead cert qualifier after Argo’s song was released we still stared at each other in disbelief when it actually happened.

This very unpleasant wakeup call prompted the Greeks to wheel in the big guns this season, sending a clear message to the rest of Europe that is not something they take lightly upon. And we praise them for being agile and for taking such resolute action. A relatively merited artist with a good number of chart successes under her belt has been chosen to sing and the man behind Eurovision classics like Work Your Magic, Shady Lady and last years’ public vote winner YATOO has written the song. WHAT CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

And this is where we reach the point when we realize that the business of crafting a successful Eurovision entry is pretty damn hard.

This is Love is canned Eurotrash way passed its expiry date. It’s a distant memory of headache inducing disco beats pumped out on packed dance floors in shady beach bars on Corfu some 20 years ago. It evokes the feeling of having too many shots of Ouzo and too few SPF’s on the sunscreen bottle. It’s bad pick up lines, sand in the bikini, lost passports, skimmed credit cards and questionable gyros consumed at ungodly hours. Add metallic mini skirts, pastel colored hair mascara, spaghetti strapped cropped tops, chocker necklaces and wobbly Buffalo shoes. Those where the times! We lived though it all as true kids of the 90s, and we are forever grateful it all happed before smartphones were invented and gave everyone the possibility to smear it out all over the internet in various social media channels.

And as much as we cherish our memories from our tender youth, there’s a time for everything and 2017 is not the time for a song like this.

Is Demy in fact a wax doll or a real human being? Only time will tell! Photo credit: Giannis Michelopoulos

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