Icelandic Paperwork

Meet Svala, the biggest pop star with the most successful career we have never heard of before!

According to reliable sources Svala is one of the biggest celebrities in her home country. She’s the daughter of someone we don’t know who is and she formed a band some ten years ago with massive international success, which we cannot remember ever to have listened to. We can only assume that either is this wonderful woman Iceland’s best kept secret, or we are absolutely clueless about what’s happening on the saga island. Most likely the latter, to be perfectly honest.

Being one of the most acclaimed and beloved artists on home turf, add TV-personality, fashion icon and public figure, it wasn’t very surprising when she stormed to victory in Söngvakeppnin, earning the right to defend the Icelandic colors in Kyiv. However, we get the feeling her fellow countrymen forgot to listen to the song she competed with and she would have won regardless.

So is Paper a good song? Arguably, yes. It’s at least modern and well produced. Moreover the deeply personal lyrics are not completely vanilla and in a world full of fakes news and fake everything, this entry definitely feels real. There’s a well thought trough concept here, and it’s being well executed without appearing calculated. Svala has an interesting visual expression and we look forward to see how the staging will look like in Kyiv. We expect it to stand out. Our only minor reservation here is that we can’t help but think that the song is a bit… boring. When listening to it, we find ourselves constantly suppressing a yawn. We automatically subtract a few points for yawning, it can never be justified in Eurovision.

Still, we think Svala will do just fine and Iceland is already so proud of her she can’t fail. The whole nation of people and cute ponies got her back. Which is of course completely fabulous. So she should just go ahead and bathe herself in unicorn tears and take a shot of snow on fire before she enters the stage in Kyiv and it’s all good, we reckon.

– I wonder if my lightsabers goes as carry-on items on Icelandair, or if I have to pack them in my checked-in luggage. Photo: EBU

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