Let him be our hard

Is this a giant mistake where we posted a headline meant for our soft porn blog? Nah, don’t worry. We’re just trying to wrap our head around Cyprus this year:

In terms of crisis, Cyprus always knows what to do. That’s why the country has started a wonderful tradition, namely getting Thomas G:Son to write their entries every year. What a fantastic idea indeed. It gets them great international opportunities and the fair Thomas a chance to soak up on a tan during that bleak midwinter. Win-win.

So far the solution has provided us with a fine selection of rockers in their leather jackets singing songs that are both catchy and high quality with everything a Eurovision song needs, like bridges and a clearly defined chorus and verse. What’s not to like? We’ll tell you what. The fact that Thomas did not cease the fine opportunity for a key change in this song. We can practically hear it screaming at us from the hidden offices of G:town and we cannot for the sake of our Swedish admiration understand why it is not present here, but ok, we’ll try to ignore that for now.

Hovig is delivering one of very few rock tunes this year, which we guess says more about the rest of the bunch than about him, as it borders on pop. But we still like it, of course. Hovig is a very decent singer, and we’re not referring to the obvious physical attributes here. We don’t exactly understand the point of that Barbie doll dancing around him without her pants on, but we guess they’ll sort that out for the final. Kyiv is far from Ayia Napa, as we all know. Also, the combination of vocals and music is no less than perfect, which adds to the overall experience.

We guess this one’ll do good in Kyiv. It is already a huge hit with our 9-year old associated jury member, and we all know what happens when the likes of him watch the Eurovision final iPhone in hand and parent’s guidance out of control. The phone bill will be worth crying over, but the result will be good all the same.

Oh, and great lyrics. After all, who doesn’t want to be this guy’s hard? Count us in for sure.

OMG, I just hate these turtle necks. So hard to get off.

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