Lithuania Conceptualized

Lithuania decided to send a concept instead of a song to Eurovision this year. We’re not quite sure how well that will work out for them.

We have grappled quite a bit with this one. Trying to wrap our heads around it is not an easy task. Fusedmarc is a well-established band in Lithuania with a successful career in the domestic market and beyond and in many ways the trio is perfect for Eurovision. It must be the first entry in ESC ever with a visual designer onboard as one of the proper band members and their trademark is their concerts and live performances where visual art is a just as important part of the show as the music. Give these guys a massive ledscreen wall in Kyiv and they might end up creating something magical.

In the national final, everything gravitates around the lead singer Viktorija Ivanovskaja and she manages to catch our attention with an energetic and focused performance. She sings well and is obviously an experienced live artist. She will undoubtedly deliver in Kyiv. Unfortunately, we’re not crazy about the song. Rain of Revolution sounds rather dated in a Lisa Stansfield meets Mezzoforte sort of way. The yeah-yeah belting becomes a little too manic and we feel like the song quite quickly starts running on empty.

The Lithuanians have a remarkable ability to sneak into the Grand Final and we suppose they partly can thank their diasporas scattered around Europe for that. So we won’t completely dismiss their chances this year either for another shock qualification.

Close enough, we suppose.


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