No Faith In Georgia

So, are we really ready for another batshit crazy woman from Georgia with smoldering smokey eyes and a shouty song? The answer is no.

We suppose it was bound to happen. After Jamala winning last year we kinda expected a fair share of female artists with big voices singing sinister songs in minor key about the troubled world we’re living in. It worked so well last year so why not climb on the bandwagon trying something similar? It might seem like a good idea, but not when it’s being badly executed. We find Keep The Faith to be a pretentious, pompous and off-putting dirge. It lacks the depth and artistic qualities of 1944, TamaraTako” Gachechiladze does not possess the same talent as Jamala and the whole package comes across as contrived and without credibility.

We remain completely untouched when Tako Gachechiladze pouts and glares into the camera with the most troubled look on her face, as if all the world’s suffering has just been put on her petit shoulders. It annoys us that a seemingly meaningful message is being communicated as banal motivational blabbering. Add a gloomy melody worthy of announcing doomsday itself and we cannot see how it can justify taking up space in the Eurovision Song Contest’s running order. Coming from the same artist who was part of the group that was banned from ESC in 2009 with the poorly hidden innuendo “We Don’t Wanna Put In” makes it all the more disappointing. Somewhere along the way she lost her spunk.

The problem is, no one really take much notice of those who bobs along in the wake of the trailblazer. Those who try risk being labeled as a copycat, or someone who wants to reap from the seeds someone else sowed. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery for the host of this year’s contest, but we don’t think it will score Georgia many points in Kyiv.

Tako is still searching for the perfect styling product to help her get that frizzy hair under control. Photo: EBU


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