Flying High With Armenia

Are you ready to board the Air Artsvik flight to Kyiv?

Armenia was the last country to release its entry this season, even a few days after the EBU submission deadline. Perhaps a smart move as it does create attention and build up certain expectations. We remember Bulgaria having luck with doing something similar last year with If Love Was A Crime. On the other hand you are running the risk of losing time to garner views on YouTube and if people find out the song isn’t good enough and it wasn’t really worth the wait it might not have the anticipated effect.

Fly With Me is a product of an Armenian A-team of composers and lyricists, having been behind corkers like Not Alone, LoveWave and Jan-Jan. Artsvik is a well established artist in Russia as well as in her native country and the whole package seems all very professional, skilled and accomplished. And perhaps too much so, because even though there’s nothing wrong with this entry it sort of comes across as a little too perfect and calculated and precisely adjusted to fit the Eurovision format. It aims to please everyone and offend no one, which is usually a bad idea because people very often end up being completely indifferent towards it.

Don’t get us wrong. This one is good enough to do relatively well in Kyiv. We look forward to see how it will be staged and predict a colorful whirlwind of choreographed dancing and perfectly pitched singing and it will be a feast for both the eyes and the ears. Throw in some banging on giant drums for good measure and impossible hairdos defying gravity and we’re as close to a Eurovisiongasm as we can get. But we’ve seen variations over the same theme a million times before.

Yep, close enough, we suppose.

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