Hit or Miss from Bulgaria?

Sometimes someone shows up and captures the zeitgeist perfectly and Beautiful Mess accurately describes the current situation between Ukraine and Russia right now. Thank God we have the EBU to tidy up!

We’ll gladly admit to being dead wrong about Bulgaria last year. We both underestimated the song and Poli Genova’s radiant performance lighting up Globen like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. To our defense we do not think even Poli’s most avid supporters expected her to almost make the podium giving Bulgaria’s best result to date.

Safe to say the speculations on Bulgaria’s possible withdraw from ESC have been nicely parked and this year they’re currently second with the bookies to WIN in Kyiv. Excuse us while we’re busy holding our horses here, we would be very thankful if someone could be so kind to explain how that happened. Last time we checked it’s not possible to win Eurovision based on the merit of previous attempts. Just ask Diva International, or Niamh Kavanagh and so many others who had a hard time following up on success of the past. Just because Beautiful Mess is penned by the same team behind If Love Was a Crime it does not guarantee another Top 10 finish.

Maybe it’s just us again grossly underestimating Bulgaria, but we think this song is unengaging and forgettable. After numerous listens we cannot remember how it goes even if our lives depended on it. Furthermore, a song in the “boring as in we rather watch paint dry” category needs to be performed by an interesting artist and to give this task to a kid barely out of kindergarten is a bold move. But something tells us it might work. Maybe Kristian Kostov will be this year’s Loïc Nottet blowing our minds with a sensational and accomplished performance. We’d be cool with that. Meanwhile we’re on the fence with this one.

Kristian Kostov is worried about not being allowed to stay up passed his bedtime in Kyiv. Photo: EBU

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