Changes to be made in Norway’s performance in Kyiv

As JOWST has embarked on a preview party tour across Europe, presenting his entry to the Eurovision fans and gaining valuable rehearsal time in the preparations leading up to the big event in Kyiv, credible sources within NRK confirm that there will be changes in the stage show.

Fug or fab, who wears it better?
JOWST will switch the mask in favour of a niqab to express his solidarity and support to all the veiled Muslim women across the participating countries in Eurovision Song Contest.

– I wish to draw attention to the fact that it’s not only introvert DJ’s like myself who feel most comfortable behind a shield. Sometimes it’s necessary to hide behind a mask to feel free to be yourself, 100 %. Joakim With Steen, the man behind JOWST, explains in an exclusive interview with GEE. We will be back with more on the full story tomorrow.



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