Syntax error, Swedish edition

Two things we are programmed not to like in GEE: Sweden and sleazy brats. Or even worse: A combination of the two:

Safe to say, though, we seem to have hit syntax error. Because we ABSOLUTELY LOVE ROBIN.

We are kind of used to those newly polished Swedes by now. They have been popping up like magic mushrooms for many years in Norway. Looking a lot better than we do. Sharply dressed in a neatly tailored suit from their home country. Their hair slicked back in a style so successful we have named it a progress helmet. Doing our jobs a lot better than we do. Being all hard workers and smiley employees excelling at selling. It’s all really offensive and annoying for us, of course, as we like to be rewarded for sitting on our asses surfing around the Internet. And then they even know how to sing? We can’t even…

Robin is a fine example of the species often incorrectly referred to as party Swedes, as they are way too busy pouring us drinks to have time for parties themselves. We’d love to have Robin pour us the vodka in Kiev, though. Never has buttoning your jacket looked so sexy. And don’t get us started on those four dancers he surrounds himself with.

In addition there is the song. A catchy tune with totally relatable lyrics. Not too annoying, not too overproduced, not too boring. Way too polished, but hey, maybe that’s the new punk now that even our fathers are turning a little hipster.

We couldn’t avoid hearing there were some controversies over the choice of song this year, as the audience obviously and for no understandable reason wanted another song. Guess that is the only thing left to remind us Swedes are not quite leveled yet. But luckily Robin seems to be working just fine.

We can’t go on. Cause he also looks so freakin’ beautiful. Please excuse us, Norway. GO SWEDEN!

SyntaxError: (eval):1: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’, expecting $end

In his spare time, Robin likes to keep himself clean, drink Danish beer and read up on the newest trends in Volvo cars.


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