Shallow Serbia

All right, why not continue our Tour de Balkan and have a closer look at another smashingly beautiful female vocalist. Meet Tijana Bogićević!

We immediately turn a little suspicious towards women in their mid-thirties gazing at us through a thick sepia filter with a sultry bedroom look. And struggle to understand the need to perform in a bathing suit, unless you’re competing in an Aquatics Championship. But never mind, we are probably not in the target group.

In Too Deep is a decent up-tempo pop song, and we get the feeling that it’s been carefully selected to match the artist’s voice and image. Tijana Bogićević doesn’t strike us as someone who will throw herself out on the Eurovision stage with a song she doesn’t believe 100% in. Good, we like that, and it makes us trust that it will be competently delivered in Kyiv with good staging and on point vocals.

One thing we do appreciate the most with this number is the honest attempt of mixing ethnic elements into the song. We can always count on the Balkans in that department. Regrettably it does sound a little misplaced, but we’re hoping it will come together and make more sense during the live performance. In all other aspect this is modern, contemporary song a far cry from the prototype Eurovision Schlager. Which is also a good thing, ESC needs variation and to evolve. However our main problem is that we find it rather tedious and boring. It’s too repetitive; it sort of just churns and churns and the singing starts to feel like nagging after a while and we wish she would just shut her gob.

It gets less engaging the more we listen to it, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything when it only needs to make an immediate impact on the juries and the public. Still, with a whopping 19 countries (or possibly 18!) in the second semi-final we are leaning towards predicting this one will struggle to qualify, contrary to what most other fans seem to think.

– Oh, crap, I knew I should have brought my jacket. The spring in Belgrade can be so treacherous. Photo: EBU

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