Macedonian dancefloor filler

Remember the last time FYR Macedonia qualified for the Grand Final? Neither do we, but next year the answer to that question will be 2017!

We have to admit that we sort of gave up on Macedonia last year when not even the wonderful, superfab diva Kaliopi managed to scrape together enough points to make it to the Grand Final. And we know, Eurovision is a competition and if your song and performance isn’t good enough, you’re out. There are harsh realities to face even in this pink and sequined studded universe. Still, we can’t help feeling sorry for the Macedonians who have one measly qualification to show for in ten years. Bless them for not giving up!

And bam, out of nowhere, they’re back in the game with a banger of a song! We don’t know how that happened, but it brings us joy. We guess that after years on end without success they finally decided to wipe the slate clean and try something completely different. Bless them again!

We love the cool retro 80s vibe; yet Dance Alone feels as fresh as the contemporary electro pop hitting the charts right know. The chorus is super catchy and we absolutely adore the lush and dreamy production. Jana Burčeska’s vocals remind us of Nina Persson back in The Cardigans’ heydays and its fragile distance perfectly matches the lyrics.

And just like that Macedonia becomes a contender in Kyiv. We take it absolutely for granted that it will qualify and it’s even Top 10 material. But, and there is a major but in this equation, concerning Jana’s ability to perform live and the Macedonians ever present ability to mess up the staging. A slick promo video is not much to go by, and we’re hoping Jana will perform in at least one of the many preview parties leading up to ESC and prove herself worthy of this wicked little pop pearl. Perhaps even once in a blue moon the Macedonian delegation will manage to get the staging right? We suppose stranger things have happened.

We will hit the dance floor in Euroclub when this comes on and one thing’s for certain; Jana will not be dancing alone in Kyiv!

Princess Leia, is that you? Photo: EBU


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