Fan of the day: Tomas Nevergreen

During Eurovision events we always meet a lot of fabulous artists, of course. Some we forget as soon as the show ends, but some always stay with us. Luckily they also stay with Eurovision. Tomas Nevergreen almost won with a Tomas G:Son song back in the days. We proudly present him as today’s Eurovision fan:

Betcha this guy has never been to Crimea. He doesn’t even need a visa for Ukraine, come to think of it. You know who to call, Russia.

– Name, age, occupation, where are you from?

– I am Tomas Nevergreen. I represented Denmark at the ESC in Oslo in 2010 with the song “In a Moment Like This” together with Christina Chanee. I’m a singer a musician and producer of music. My latest song is called “Pick up the phone” (which we love very much, mind you. Why exactly aren’t YOU representing Russia? Or Denmark even? editor’s comment),

– Why do you love Eurovision?

– I have been watching the contest many times since I was a child in the late 70’s. I used to watch it with my grandmother. My parents were only into classical music and jazz. So I watched the show with my grandmother. I remember when Nicole won for Germany with her white 12 string guitar and the song “Ein bißchen Frieden”. And Herreys’ “diggi loo diggi ley” was also one of the songs I remember . And our Danish group Mabel with the song “Boom Boom”. They were huge popstars. my grandmother had posters of them. You know the centerfold poster from a magazine.

– Why do you love Eurovision?

– I have many good Eurovision-memories from that time when I was a child. And then I didn’t watch it for a while because I started listening to normal music like Metallica and Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder and I think I only started watching ESC again when I was asked by Danish Radio to sing “In a moment like this” in 2010 and I have many great memories from this year. We had performances in many countries after together with Christina and it was really nice. It was great to travel around the world and record album with her. All these amazing and crazy things that we experienced together and that only we saw. Those are my greatest memories related to ESC.

– Tell us about a favorite memory related to Eurovision

I’ve met many Eurovision artists. Especially in Russia and Ukraine. I met Alexander Rybak from Norway 3 or 4 times. First time in Oslo in 2010. He’s really nice. He’s funny and it surprised me because I thought he had this Harry Potter image and then he’s a bit more rock n’ roll than I imagined. If I may say so.

– What is your favorite entry ever?

– My favourite entry ever I guess Abba. Or Denmark’s Jørgen and Grethe Ingmann with Dansevise was really good.

– What is your favorite entry this year?

– This year I haven’t heard all the songs yet. Belgium has a nice song if she can sing it live. We have an amazing singer from Denmark this year, Anja. She is my favorite Italy already have 70 million hits on youtube 2 months befor the contest and all bookmakers have Italy as their favourite. and I totally don’t understand that song. So maybe I’m not the right guy to ask ) there are a lot of feelings in this game.

– What is the ultimate fan behavior?

– A perfect fan has a ready camera and knows how to use it before asking for a photo? I’m not sure I understand the question. Just be yourself

– If Eurovision suddenly decided politics were allowed, what would your first political statement be?

– No more love songs in ESC! Be creative. Free your mind.

– Are you going to Kyiv or do you have other plans for the final? What are your expectations?

– I would like to go to Kiev but I have a concert myself on the date on the final. But I’ll watch it on TV

Watch Tomas Nevergreen’s new single here:

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